Counseling Services


Counseling for married or soon to be married individuals that are members and non members of this ministry.


Individual, Husband and Wife, Family, Death & Bereavement, Sexual Abuse, Alcohol Dependence, Spousal Abuse

Conflict Resolution

Peer, sibling, singles, Couples (Married), Couples (Unmarried)

Financial Matters

Will Preparation, Debt Consolidation, Family & Individual  Budgeting, Retirement Fund, Insurance Needs  (Health, Life, Mortgage, Automobile, College Fund. Retirement.)

Training Services

Preparation of a Portfolio & Job, Application, Development of Interviewing Skills, Guidance and referrals to Community & other Social Service Agencies, (Housing, Food Stamps, Medicaid , Emergency Assistance, etc.

Ministerial Training

Sermon Preparation, Exegesis of The Old & New Testaments of the Bible, Practical Application of Various Ministerial Duties-denominational & non-denominational.